AnetonOpenTheater Identity and print for the 5 years anniversary of the Aneton open theater
Constructivist Identity for a company regarding production and installation of exhibitions
PapanikolaouDimitri Identity and print material for the lawyer Papanikolaou Dimitri
Ochsenkopf Identity for the german butchery (Ochsenkopf) selling traditional german products
SahinidouRania Identity & packaging for the pharmacy Rania Sahinidou
TextilClub Identity for the textile agency TextilClub
KohaCon16 Identity for the international congress KohaCon16 (free software library system)
StrCapsFont Custom typeface
EndodonticCentre Identity for a dental clinic
RedWhiteBlack Photography exhibition London Bars by Sofia Parcharidou (Anifactum)
OnePlusWhat Logotype for the photographer Michael Nedos
TypoInstallation Handmade frames for the agency TextilClub
Habit Identity for a sports cafe with billiards and games
ToPikap Identity for a coffee bar selling drinks, vinyls and clothes
DTEK Identity & web design for an audiovisual company
DeltaRent Logotype for a car rental company
VirginOil Identity and packaging for a hair oil
CoffeeBrothers Identity, print material and signs for a coffee bar
SiriousTextil Logotype and print material for an order management company
PK Identity for a company with two departments, architecture and finance
AmateurRadio Logotype for a web radio
Logos Logotypes for various companies
SmileStyle Identity, print material and signs for a dental clinic
Aromatherapy Identity and packaging for hair treatment use by yianni hair spa
MTB Logotype and print material for a web forum regarding mountain bikes
MavridisHaris Identity for the psychiatrist Mavridis Haris
PestIsOver Visual identity for a pest control company
DeltaGroup Identity and print material for a travel agency
ABC Identity for a company regarding advanced business computing
Mind Symbols and print material regarding psychiatric diseases
Congresses Programs for various congresses
GoldenPot Identity for a tea shop and cafe
SaltsaBar Identity & interior concept for a restaurant
YianniHairSpa Packaging for hair treatment
Font Custom typeface and flyer for an event
SolarGK Identity and print material for a company regarding solar panels
Caramello Identity, print and interior design for a bistro cafe
MonkeyBar Identity and print material for a coffee bar
HealthWorks Identity & print for a pharmaceutical company
FairyTale Book design for a Christmas fairy tale based on a kid's illustrations
Welcome. We are a design studio
based in Thessaloniki.
For many years we've been creating
innovative work for clients in various
design fields including branding,
identity, packaging, print, environmental
and web design.
Our designs try to communicate our
client's needs in the best way.